Pat Pollard - Taos Artist Intro




Moving to Taos over 20 years ago gave me the freedom and opportunity to unleash imagery stored away in my mind since childhood. Because of my long career as a commercial photographer, I naturally turned first to photography, experimenting with Polaroid image transfers. They soon became wallpaper for the three-dimensional boxes I constructed to house my visual ideas. Moving through figurative sculpture, digital manipulation and printmaking I finally arrived at painting. I still employ mixed media in my two-dimensional paintings to create the textural surface and ambiguous color that have always been integral to my work.

This recent work is more intuitive than ever and when I start a painting, unlike my previous constructions, I am comfortable not knowing the outcome—just trusting in the process to carry me along and letting the marks and colors emerge to surprise me. Composed of color layers that alternate warm and cool within a minimal structure, these pieces are deeply satisfying to me as continuing refinements of my personal aesthetic.

A writer of poetry and short stories when I was young, I set painting aside to write my memoir, Long Time Lost. It’s a story I’ve wanted to tell for many years, but just recently found the voice to do so. As both an adoptee and a birth mother, I share my journey from unloved child to incapable mother. And, finally, to the artist I am today.